Robotic Camera

The following image gallery includes a sketch of the gantry robotic positioning device custom-built by Intellidrives to control the positioning of the CCD camera, along with photos of Ram and Logan assembling the 2300 lb apparatus, which took a team to raise.

You may also watch the robot in action.

The linear servo slides on which the apparatus is based are described on the Intellidrives website. The robot is equipped with two CCD cameras as described on our fixed cameras parts list. One acquires a wide-field image to assist in correct positioning of the zoom lens (with 10 micron precision). Servoing in the z direction is used to acquire well focused images of seedlings in Petri plates held in a grid sample fixture.


Subramanian R, Spalding EP, Ferrier NJ (2013) A High throughput robot system for machine vision based plant phenotype studies. Machine Vision and Applications 24: 619–636.