Fixed Cameras

The following is a list of parts for building an image acquisition apparatus. We have also prepared a PDF step-by-step assembly guide for your convenience.

Component Suggested Vendor and Part Relevant Features and Purpose Approximate Price (USD) Count
Allied Vision Technologies (AVT) Marlin F146B CCD Camera Edmund Optics part NT59-031 Firewire connection; 1392 x 1040 resolution; 4.65 micron x 4.65 micron pixels; 10 bit pixel depth; monochrome; easily removable IR-blocking filter (must be removed). Time lapse acquisition is controlled by provided software that runs on a Windows or Linux-based computer. $2,230 1
Mounting plate adapter for Marlin cameras Edmund Optics part NT59-157 This small metal plate with holes tapped for 1/4-20 screws is needed to secure the camera to the mounting brackets. $12 1
Mounting brackets, 90 degree angle Newport Corp. part 360-90 Two right-angled metal brackets bolt together to make a stable horizontal mount for the camera. The third bracket is used to support the sample holder fixture. $69 3
Macro video zoom lens 18-108 mm Qioptiq Imaging Solutions part MVZL The MVZL works well in the IR, not all 18-108 mm zoom lenses do. Purchase the MVZL from Bob Hanrahan at Qioptiq (585-223-2370 ext 112). Edmund Optics expects to have this lens for sale as part 52-274 in early 2008. A very similar lens that will work but which does not focus the IR as well around the edges is the NT58-240 from Edmund Optics. $499 1
Infrared longpass filter Edmund Optics part NT54-753 The Hoya R-72 glass of this filter passes only wavelengths greater than 720 nm. Its 52 mm diameter matches the threaded front of the MVZL lens. $49 1
Linear translation stages Newport Corp. part TSX-1D These manual dovetail slides provide control of x, y, and z positions of the sample holder fixture. $166 3
Magnetic base mount Newport Corp. part MB-3 This unit has 1/4-20 tapped holes so that the angle brackets can be bolted to a stable base that magnetically grips the steel base plate $71 2
Screw set Newport Corp. part SK-25A Screws for bolting the components together are not provided with the angle brackets, slides, or bases. This optional but useful kit of various 1/4-20 screws includes everything necessary for assembly. $49 1
Steel base plate Acquire locally A smooth and flat 1/4 inch (6 mm) steel plate approximately 16 x 24 inches provides a stable platform for the entire apparatus. $50 1
Infrared backlight Edmund Optics part NT55-819 (50 mm x 50 mm) or part NT55-393 (100 mm x 100 mm) The unit consists of an LED array and a diffusing mechanism for producing uniform irradiation of sample with 880 nm radiation that the camera detects but not the plants. Each apparatus requires its own backlight. The 100 mm x 100 mm backlight better illuminates larger samples. $590 or $680 1
Basic current source for backlight panel Edmund Optics part NT56-440 The single output (24 VDC, 1.25 A) model controls one backlight. The dual output model (NT56-441) can drive two separate backlights. $250 1
Petri plate holder Custom made; see technical drawings below Milled from acrylic, the holder clamps a round or square 100 mm Petri plate perpendicular to the optical path of the lens. The holder is bolted to a 360 series 90° angle bracket, which is bolted to the MB-3 base, which magnetically grips to the steel base plate. $20 1

Technical Drawings

The following technical drawings are available for the Petri plate holder:

Application Notes