Download HYPOTrace

To use HYPOTrace, please download and install MATLAB runtime library for either Windows or Mac.

There are three versions of HYPOTrace available for downloading:

Select the version according to your operating system. To run the software on a Windows PC, double click on the HYPOTrace.exe and follow the PDF user guide. On a Mac, open a terminal window and enter ./ $MCR_ROOT, where MCR_ROOT is the path to the MATLAB runtime library. (The default path is /Applications/MATLAB/MATLAB_Component_Runtime/v76.)

Liya Wang, the author of HYPOTrace, also maintains a separate HYPOTrace download site.

A sample image set is available for download as a ZIP file (39 MB). The sample image set shows Arabidopsis seedlings responding to continuous blue light after growing in darkness for 2 hours. Images were acquired at ten minute intervals with 127 pixels per mm. The leftmost seedling provides a good demonstration.

Please cite the following if you publish results obtained with this program:

Wang L, Uilecan IV, Assadi AH, Kozmik CA, Spalding EP (2009) HYPOTrace: image analysis software for measuring hypocotyl growth and shape demonstrated on Arabidopsis seedlings undergoing photomorphogenesis. Plant Physiology 149: 1632–1637.